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Long Time, No Type

Ello again! (Speaks entire post with fancy british accent) It’s Nameless. I wanted to apologize for not posting lately….. I’ve been SUPER busy with school. I took THREE QUIZZES TODAY!! (And my mom is making me RE-TAKE my math quiz because I got a D…) So, make that FOUR!! Homeschool sucks a lot of the time. Anyways;

I will be getting the Poptropica Forgotten Islands app next week for my iPhone. I will post snapshots and try to write a guide if it’s not too hard.  I hope I can help with this is SC / SC doesn’t. And if Young Flame hasn’t told you all yet (Which, she probably didn’t considering it’s been sort of secret until now.), we are beginning to write an original story series!!! I have already written the prologue, but I won’t be releasing it here quite yet. Long story; short, Young Flame and I are having an open casting call throughout the next  5 days on Wild West Island. Meet us in the common room. (Not really, we aren’t expected to meet anyone in the common room. I’m don’t even remember where the common room is on WW).  Here are some things you should know about the casting:

  • No children’s work-permits are required for this casting.
  • We need your Poptropica Name, and we would appreciate your username to put on the characters page. 
  • Please provide a link to the Avatar Studio. This is required, and will most definitely be needed for those of you who want your username private. (If you would like your username to stay private from the world, but can’t access avatar studio, then you may intrust Young Flame or I, with it to get the link. It will remain private. No one but us would know it)
  • This show is SAG-AFTRA, Non-Union.
  • Payrate: Unknown, probably just the fame.
  • If it’s okay with your Poptropiparents, then please leave us a description of your Poptropican.  Something like:

Rough Lion: Quiet, cares too much about what people think of her. Out-going, but scared. Doesn’t really notice when boys like her.

  • Also, please hurry. Casting Call only lasts for 5 days. If you live in America, that means it will be open until Wednesday. We won’t accept anymore after Midnight that night. (Midnight CENTRAL Time. Which is 10 pm for eastern, and 1 am Thursday for West.) Use THIS TIME CONVERTER to find out when. (Thanks SW5 for finding the time converter.

We will also be accepting ideas for the show. Also, please don’t give us the age of your Poptropicans. We will take care of age ourselves.

~~Nameless and Young Flame


PN@10 (Episode 2)

The second episode of the SMASH HIT SHOW, PN@10. (NOTE: YOu can read the latest episodes @ the Poptropica News Network (PNN) Website, And, I hope you like it. (Fierce Popper did nothing, arrangements by Nameless, thank you viewers for your contributions. You can contribute by e-mail or by going to the PN@10 page on The Poptropica Newsroom site:

Poptropican… Wonders??



Hey there, I’ll keep it short and sweet. We are hiring, Authors and Editors only, so apply in the comments. Just tell me how much you play Poptropica, if you have a WordPress account or not, and if you want Author of Editor.

Goodbye Glitchy

Hey guys. 😦 I just thought I’d let you know that I’m sort of leaving…… I’m still going to show as an Author, and I’m still owner, but my school curriculum works on my laptop, so I can start sooner. Sooner meaning like, today. I’m sorry. I will still try to stay active, and I won’t be removing myself from the blog, but I will be posting A LOT LESS.  I’m working on high school stuff now, and I still stink at math. Soooo, goodbye. For now at least. I will still post and stuff, but I won’t as often. I’m sorry.

(And for those of you like Young Flame, I know you’re getting ready to comment and ask what about PN@10… Yeah, I know. I will still be working on that. It is a promise I made, but I might have to make it every TWO weeks, because everyone says they’ll submit, but they won’t. If you want to know what I’m talking about, then go HERE)

~~Nameless (I will still have contact in case anyone has blog questions. I will be back and active in time for Writer’s Contest Judging, so keep entering.)

Poptropica News @ 10

Hi guys, Nameless here. You know I hate to do Ads on this blog, but this one is by me, so I’ll try to keep it short.

I have a blog, The Poptropica Newsroom, and I have a news show on that blog, Poptropica News @ 10. I just posted the first episode of PN@10. Please read it


And if you would like to be featured in an upcoming episode, please go HERE. If you would like to know what the heck I’m talking about, it’s probably best that you go HERE. Thanks, Nameless

Poptropica News (2)