The Comet is Comming Today !!!

I  am Spotted Comet  the owner and Nameless Undefined is the co Owner I love this blog . I can  dance awesomely  I made this blog but Nameless did the rest LOL I live In Boston s  Go PATS.  Of course the comet is going to blast Potropican Wonders  BLAST  BOOM POW WAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAHHHAA . SO YEAH  this is the wonderific most unwonderific greatest wonder blog in the world so WAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAHHHAA My sign of is SC and everyone spread the news about this blog and the poptropican newsroom 


Comet Hale Bopp

Comet Hale Bopp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









About Spotted Comet

I'm a awesome singer . I like wwe especially The mist I watch a lot of youtube :) I love poptropica My main pop blog is poptropican wonders :) :) :) My pop username is janetjackson196 :D I watch lots of tv . I live I the USA Brockton MA GO PATRIOTS I love the Gillette stadium ( pretty much the only one I went to ) my sign out name is SC so SC

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