Goodbye Glitchy

Hey guys. 😦 I just thought I’d let you know that I’m sort of leaving…… I’m still going to show as an Author, and I’m still owner, but my school curriculum works on my laptop, so I can start sooner. Sooner meaning like, today. I’m sorry. I will still try to stay active, and I won’t be removing myself from the blog, but I will be posting A LOT LESS.  I’m working on high school stuff now, and I still stink at math. Soooo, goodbye. For now at least. I will still post and stuff, but I won’t as often. I’m sorry.

(And for those of you like Young Flame, I know you’re getting ready to comment and ask what about PN@10… Yeah, I know. I will still be working on that. It is a promise I made, but I might have to make it every TWO weeks, because everyone says they’ll submit, but they won’t. If you want to know what I’m talking about, then go HERE)

~~Nameless (I will still have contact in case anyone has blog questions. I will be back and active in time for Writer’s Contest Judging, so keep entering.)


About Queen Hannah

I'm probably being distracted by something shiny as you read this.

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