Ahoy Mateys!!!

Ahoy MATEYS!!!! Haha, no, 😆 I’m not a pirate!! I just like finding different ways to say Hi / Ollo / Halo / WASSAP /  OLLIODOSIS!!!!!

Onto… Well, my post… I’m Nameless UnDEFiNed, Tyra32311 made me a Co-Administrator, but she just left on Vacation, so I can’t ask her if I’m a co-owner, but I would say probably… I’m not the worst co worker ever!! DON’T JUDGE ME!! (I’m sorry, my cousin says that a lot and I just got back from visiting her… Soooo, yeah)

My Poptropican’s usernames are rawlingsgold (That’s my main, but it doesn’t have Membership) and ross1dog (That’s my second main, and it has Membership… That’s my boy account, which stinks because I wanted my other account to have the membership, but my mom put in the wrong username!! 😦 Grrr) I am the designer of The Teenage Daughter Of Hades costume. I will add a costumes page soon. And just so you know, The Hunger Games Costumes were designed by Spotted Dragon. I didn’t know they were hers and I posted them to our (Mine and Spotted Dragon’s) blog Heroes Of Poptropicans…. Ouch.

I like WWE, Daniel Bryan rocks!!

Respect The BEARD!!!

I have Membership, and you can friend me through either of the Usernames above. I have been playing Poptropica since The Reset / Disappearance of Monster Carnival Island. I have been on lots of blogs, and I am crazy.

TAKE HIM!!! NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (See what I mean??)
I have been learning how to design headers and logos, but I can only use computer Paint. Soooo, I will try to design a header image, keep an eye out. I will also be working on an icon logo. I will keep you updates on the latest Popdates, and I will gie you guys insider info about Poptropica News shows… Long story, I have a Poptropica News blog, and I do a weekly Poptropica News show. Soooooo, I think that’s it. Oh and here is my Poptropican’s picture, so you know you friend the right one:

nameless undefined


PS, keep checking back for Island Guides, I will posting them regularly, and just comment if you need any Island help. I will be on a lot, and I will be adding pages all the time.



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I'm probably being distracted by something shiny as you read this.

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